Please support each other whenever you can! And please, support good things.

For technical support, kindly try a few searches and check the *documentation* before asking. The answer may already be there. If you still seek an answer, and think others might have the same question, post your question in the forum. That's also a great place to share your ideas for the project, report bugs, give suggestions for improvement, request features, etc.

If your post requests a reply, you'll likely hear from me within a day, two tops, often within an hour or two, sometimes never. Always as soon as I can if an inquiry is friendly and respectful. All inquiries are welcome and I look forward to hearing from you. You can also contact me directly, using the contact form or by sending a message to omni via plantdreams. Especially invited to contact me directly are all members (especially you), and any individuals who would like to explore strategic partnerships, investment opportunities, media inquiries, or other interesting and creative synergies.

If you use and appreciate plantdreams, please donate any amount you can. It did cost a considerable sum to build, and hundreds of hours have been and continue to be applied to the development. All for the sake of helping people like you attain their dreams, goals, and projects. Yours truly is buiding it because it's a vision coming true, and on a 'shoestring budget'. This is free for you (as a beta user) and always will be. Now is the time to nurture the seedling.

To help keep this young organism alive and thriving, please donate any amount of money.

Other ways to support the site and community inlude:

    getting more involved | actively using the tools | tracking and sharing your progress

    inviting others to plant their dreams | and | being part of the conversation.